Yet Again, Into the Breach

            2016 begins with a fresh chance to lose weight! As does every day, if you’ve got the right attitude. After losing five and a half stone (cue much rejoicing) I put two stone back on over a year and a half. I don’t have a reference for this except possible the noise made by Luke Skywalker when he found out who his dad was (spoilers: Vader) or one of these.

            So I embarked upon a new, second, concerted weight loss journey to remove my gut and become the fit, svelt being that most mid-twenties males want to be. This definitely is going to involve exercise, and a serious effort towards making it a regime; simply losing weight is not enough. At least, in my mind – possibly that’s a view inflicted by society but at the same time I really like compliments.

            Having made the decision not to argue with my narcissism I begun by complaining about the exercise bar my parents got me. Great start there, being ungrateful to people trying to help. To be clear, this was on the basis that I don’t have the upper body strength to lift 214lbs, not because I was being a diva about how I exercised. While I’m aware cardio is really good for weight loss, as per my previous blog, I also want to look better after losing the weight. I’ve had some light brushes with excess skin and want to do everything I can to make sure I don’t have any more dealings with it.

            After three weeks of using the bar, I can now do six whole pull-ups at a time, and then hang for a good twenty to thirty seconds. This is probably not that impressive to those of you who regularly work out, but I’m not one of you. I’ve also increased the number of sit-ups I do from twenty to around the forty five mark, and I do three sets of twenty bicep curls with seven kilograms on each hand. Yup, you bet your keen mind that I’m avoiding talking about cardio!

            Because I haven’t run in two months. I can just about manage a mile and a half. In my defence it was Christmas and I moved out just before then but really I have no excuse. So I’m not making any and I’m admitting to failing there. I briefly used a spreadsheet to track my exercise which was fun but quickly I got the sinking feeling that I was just pulling an Arnold Rimmer and procrastinating by making schedules. So I’ve stopped and started doing more running.

            I also walk for half an hour at lunch every day at work, which will eventually evolve into a run. I’m planning to sign-up for the October Spartan Race and do two events this year rather than one, and might be doing a Tough Mudder run as well but that’s pending on the work-mate organising it getting a bit desperate for people to come along – we’re both pretty aware I’ll hold him back in my current state!

            I do badminton once a week and a few other things whenever I can. Using the big supermarket in town adds about three miles to my shopping journey and I refuse when possible to use my car. The cornershop across the road now only gets business from me when I forget something or if we don’t have anything to drink.

            All in all I hope to be posting something on the site once a week at least, excluding guest posts, and I want two a month to be focused on my dieting. This is less frequent that the original KillingFatSoftly but as long as I make progress I can forgive myself. So far, since the dawn of 2016, I’ve lost seven pounds of weight (lots more in money – posts about that later!) so I’m not doing bad so far. Stay tuned, diet fans; more will follow!


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