Dieting Vs Exercise Vs Enjoyment

People who are dieting might not be fit, and people who exercise might not be thin. I write this while chowing down on a Chicago Town (brand not location) microwaveable pizza having spent my whole day inside, so I am not going to claim to be either. It is, however, an important fact to accept.

No, you won’t see obese Olympians but just because your overweight pal says they want to run a marathon shouldn’t be cause for mockery or derision. Humans are unfortunately silly creatures and often believe things they are told without really thinking about or challenging them. Fat people are regularly told they can’t do exercise so they don’t. Other will use it as an excuse; “I can’t do exercise because I’m fat!” – an irrational claim since it’s scientifically proven to assist with weight loss. Oh, and the human body is pretty well equipped to deal unusual muscle strain, like exercise.

This post comes after a friend told me that just because she was thin didn’t mean she could do a lot of exercise – nothing suggestive here, people; we were talking about the Spartan Run. It’s an assault course/race/fantastically fun and challenging event and one happens fairly near where I live each year. So I’m trying to recruit friends. I am not meeting with much success. In part, this may be due to some poor assumptions on my behalf. Like who might be interested in and/or enjoy such a venture.

My friend was not. She didn’t need to lose weight, and if she did then she wouldn’t do it by exercising. She had no interest in getting fitter as “there was no point”, my argument of “because you can” falling on deaf ears and a flat expression. It dawned on me that there really was no value in the activity for my friend, and as far as she was concerned I just trying to make her do a lot of physical work that she wouldn’t really enjoy, and I might even laugh at her for failing at. So I stopped and had a think about my approach – because I really want to go, and I honestly believe anyone who comes along will actually enjoy it.

But if you’re not interested, you don’t think you need to or you just downright won’t enjoy it, then I guess I can’t rightly expect you to come along. I got it into my head that everyone wants to either lose weight of get fit. Some people are happy doing neither. I remember a time like that and I have some pretty good memories of it. Am I happy now? Personally, yes. But that doesn’t mean everyone would be – and I can’t honestly say that I enjoyed 100% of the exercise, work and dieting I did to lose weight and get fitter. So I entirely sympathise with those who don’t want to. Just never say it’s because you can’t – it’s because you don’t want to. We all live our lives – or should do – doing things that we enjoy. Sure, I’d argue that if you tried it you’d probably enjoy it and find out you could do a lot of things you thought you couldn’t. At the same time, I can’t guarantee you’d enjoy the discovery.

Now I’ll put it out there like this – anyone who wants to, can. I’ve done on within the last six months and I wasn’t at the peak of my fitness by any means. It was a great deal of fun, possibly more so because we arrived late and basically had the course to ourselves. I was thoroughly exhausted afterwards and ruined the next day, especially since I’d done another run the same morning. My only regret was that I couldn’t do day two. All the helpers are encouraging, some more helpfully than others but I’m pretty sure they all mean well. Everyone we met was friendly and there was a great spirit of being in it together. One woman we met going around had been at the course for two hours and was about half to two-thirds of the way through. She’d had to kids and, in her own words, had “let herself go and then some” but she’d done it before and would be “damned if she didn’t do it again”. Good on her, I say!

So don’t think that just because you’re fat, or unfit, you can’t do something, or shouldn’t do something. Do you want to? Do you want to have an adventure with friends playing like kids while also doing something that’s pretty good for you? Do you know me? Let me know! If you don’t know me but want to get involved – or just have something to say about anything I’ve put here – let me know! If you don’t enjoy it then I’ll apologise. Maybe.


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