A Weekend in Review

I thought I’d review my efforts to get more exercise in my life, so this post is going to be a bit more diary-like than others, but hopefully equally if not more insightful. I think I’ll get more out of it reflection wise, which is probably an advantage of a diary so maybe I’ll do more posts like this. As a filthy part-timer, my weekend begins on Thursday so this first diary-review entry will run from Thursday 31.3.16 to Sunday 3.4.16 (British Dates, for those used to the American calendar).


Having got a reasonably early night on Wednesday, I woke up around 8am and then didn’t get out of bed until roughly 9:30. Not a screaming success.

I made breakfast for myself and my girlfriend – bacon and eggs on toast, approx 650-700 calories – and we’d eaten and were out the house by 10:00! Our planned tripped to Portsmouth was scuppered though when Becky pointed out that it was actually 11:00 and the clock in my kitchen was wrong – bloody daylight savings time! I was going to miss out on a bunch of walking as a result, but we made new plans instead so the day and diet weren’t wasted!

We drove to one of the posher towns near us, a little bit out in the country (yes, the Wilds of Surrey count as a little out in the country) but with all the suburban, middle-to-upper class comforts that retirees and the well off prefer to enjoy. We toured several fabric stores and a couple of antique shops – one selling some pretty sweet military items such as sabers, muskets and other such not-so-bric-a-brac which was all securely out of my price range – for about two hours.

This netted me around 600 glorious calories back, which were then nearly immediately re-spent on a delicious Italian lunch along with some Easter money given by a thoughtful aunt. Several seafood and pasta dishes later, I was net £10 & circa 1000 calories down but happily so.

Then we drove back and played Mastermind for a bit before I went to work. Dinner was a lamb moussaka of about 300 calories and a more satisfying, is less healthy, noodle pot of 450. This left me on a net total of 1750 calories for the day, only 250 above my limit. This was a good day by all accounts, although lacked any dedicated exercise – walking’s a bit low intensity to count, even though I did enough to help.


I got up late again, rising at 9:30 rather than 8:30 and began work on my brother’s current project. He’s writing up the Biblical myth of the Nephilim, something I’ve not really looked into before at all but was pretty interesting. In fact, turning any of the Biblical myths into stories/films/graphic novel would be awesome. The imagery is terrifying and really rock and roll, and there’s a whole host of badasses hiding in those pages. Even if you don’t believe it then the stories are fantastic and really good fun – think it’s fiction? Read it as such. Revelations and Apocalypse are a serious trip.

I then headed back to my flat for boring life admin and chores. This was less exciting, but I supplemented my 300 calorie breakfast (two slices of toast with peanut butter) with some cheese and crackers, some stuffed pasta and a bacon and kale wrap (900ish?) to make it through the day and then got on with chores and writing.

I did two loads of washing, but nowhere near as much writing as I wanted to. In fact, I did no writing. Realistically this time could have been taken over by exercising but I can only claim a mighty 50 star jumps as exercise on this day – approximately 10 calories. I relaxed, had a nap, and did a little bit of browsing for possible activities for my friend’s Stag Do. Probably needed, but I felt like a slob by the evening. So I obviously rewarded this great success with another wrap – ham, chorizo and cucumber – and a beer. 500 more calories on the count bringing me to a total of 1700-1800 calories, which wasn’t bad, but zero words for the novel.


I started work at 9:00 so was out of bed by 8:00 and even made a decent-ish breakfast for myself – another ham, chorizo and cucumber wrap and a packet of Frazzles (390 calories). I could have been out of bed earlier and managed even a measly walk if I hadn’t gone to be at 2:15 in the morning. Lesson learned? Probably not since I’ve made that mistake plenty times.

Work was turned out to be a double-edged sword; normally an outstanding opportunity to write and not eat, our department director brought in a fantastic spread of finger food. I can only measure it by the paper-cup-load, of which I took four. I reckon we’re looking at 200 calories a cup, on average, so I’ll round it to 800. Not spectacular, but could have been far, far worse. I also got 1,000 words written, and another 2,000 edited which is fantastic! Especially as I really need to work on editing as I go. To this end, I’m going to be sending titled sections of my novel to myself so I can manage it in smaller chunks. The 42,000 words I have already done will have to be faced another time…

In the evening I had a friend’s birthday drinks, having dinner before hand to avoid buying a big calorie meal. Two wraps, approx 550 cals between them and then a pint at the pub. I drank diet coke after that, which is rank so if I can’t get Pepsi Max in future I’ll just have water. I took a couple of sweet potato fries from a friend’s plate when they were done but we’re talking three to five, so the calorie impact is going to be low. Low enough for me to excuse it at least!


Sunday started with a late rise out of bed at my girlfriend’s and then a late breakfast (more wraps, ham and pickle so we’re looking at about 450 cals between them). I spent some time with my brothers and family before going to my local gaming club. Unusually I sat down for the first half of the day there – normally I’m pretty amped and also try to avoid sitting down since I do it a lot at work. By the end of the game – Guildball, I’ll do a full write up another time – I was on my feet and pretty pumped but had eaten a packet of crisps which is normally a big no-no. However, I had only eaten those wraps at about 11am and this was about 4 in the afternoon as I’d started the game pretty late.

Then it was back to mine for dinner, kale and sweet potato noodles with a side of McCains Smiley Faces (not even slightly ashamed) which was fairly high calorie but I needed it at that point. I didn’t need the beer I had afterwards but I was on about 1800-1900 calories at the end of the day. This was my upper limit of okay, and I’d done 100 star jumps (20 cals) and 10 pull ups (calorie quotient unknown) so felt better even though I probably didn’t deserve to.

I’ve resolved to go on more runs – actually and idea instigate by my girlfriend but it’s always better to run with company so that’s good. I’m also going rock climbing on Friday which should be good, especially if I put a lot of effort in. I’ll make it a competition with my friend and see where that gets me. Hopefully not in free fall!


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