How’d Those Resolutions Hold Out?

So I’m now 15 stone. That’s 210lbs. And it ain’t pure muscle, or even a desirable percentage muscle. I’ve been keeping pretty well to the diet, and the switch up for breakfasts has really made me feel more awake in the mornings. So where’s my failing?

Since my last post, I’ve done three runs. That’s in about three weeks I think. I need more exercise in my life if I’m realistically going to lose weight and shape like I want to. My flatmate is going to the gym pretty regularly and I want to start going a long too, but it costs money. Running doesn’t. The weather’s getting warmer and the morning drizzle isn’t so frigid, so I’m running out of excuses.

Thankfully, one of those runs was this morning (date of writing 27/4/16, probably going to be a delayed post). It was only a mile, but that’s fine. It’s been ten days since I ran, and that was only two. Also, I have been monstrously ill.

I mean grey-faced-hacking-and-choking-snot-factory ill. The kind of ill where I could tell from the looks people gave me that they were wondering if I was Patient Zero of a zombie apocalypse, and wondering if they should bludgeon me to death as a preventative measure. Or perhaps whether they would be forgiven for doing so if it turned out that I wasn’t, in fact, a zombie.

Thankfully no one took it upon themselves to be a hero – or they were all too worried about becoming infected to do so – and I still live. I’ve recovered, or begun recovery, so when I woke up feeling pretty vim this morning I thought ‘why not, I’ll go for a run’. I was sad I only managed such a short distance, but still happy that I’d done it. I need to start bullying people into running with me again, or finding willing run partners. My girlfriend has not-so-mysteriously fallen ill and definitely blames me, so my first port of call on that front is temporarily against the idea. Until I find someone I’ll try to run alone every day anyway, because I need to.

Not to live, not in the basic sense of need, but I need to if I’m going to lose weight. And to keep it up, I need to want to. Convincing myself I want to go out running in the morning is a real challenge, but after I achieved so much this morning having woken up and run I think I’ve forced some incentive into my mind. I was showered and breakfasted and ready even earlier than my usual time. Lethargy is truly the enemy of productivity.

How am I getting around it? Snoozing my alarm just once. Going to bed at an earlier, regular time. Getting my exercise gear on instead of mooching about in pj’s or boxers. How do all these help? I’m glad you asked, avid reader!

Single Snooze System: If I have to get up and I have nothing else to do then I’m probably going to end up running. I hate going back to bed when I’m not actually tired, so getting up and about is a good way to stop me trying to ignore the fact I have to get up. Putting my phone in another room, or under a pile of stuff, also helps with the waking-myself-up-goal.

Earlier, Regular Sleep Cycle: This is part of a habit forming exercise. I don’t go to bed at a ‘sensible’ time, mostly 11:15-11:59, but I make myself go to bed now by midnight latest. A forced curfew, perhaps, but it certainly helps me get up the next day at 7am without excess tiredness pulling me back to bed. And if I get this down as a habit then hopefully a run at 7:10am will become part of that habit.

Enthusiastic Exercise Gear Use: That title could have been better worded. BUT the message is important! If I’m wearing the stuff I run in, then I get in that frame of mind. It’s also comfy, which is nice for making breakfast afterwards, and stops me thinking that I have no time between waking up and going to work, which wearing a shirt and trousers does. Extra benefit if they form the pile that I put on top of my clothes.

All of these will hopefully create a habit, harking back to a previous post. As predicted, this post is late and I’ve had a week to see the effectiveness of all these habit building activities. I’ve not run again since Wednesday but I did get two long walks in Friday morning and Sunday morning, for about 5 miles and 6 miles respectively (distance estimated). I could have done some runs but due to other timetabled events – and a massive hangover on Sunday – I didn’t manage to upgrade. But the extra distance compensate for the lack of speed I hope.

I weighed 206lbs on Saturday morning, so I think the 210lbs/15st weigh in was a blip, but a worrying one nonetheless. Letting myself slide into an unfortunately comfortable state is only going to cause me problems later down the line. So I’ll keep a better eye on it, and keep getting up in the morning to get a few miles in each week. That’s the best thing I can say for now; don’t get lulled into a false sense of weight loss and fitness!



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