Missions into Mordheim: Troughs and Peaks

It’s been a while since I’ve had a report from the City of the Damned. Had I forgotten? Or worse, left my Seven Samurats to die ignobly in the darkened streets like so many of their victims? No! The club has been busy with other events, some of which I’ll talk about it other posts, which have either taken my time or have left no space available – sometimes both. But the legend of the Samurats continues.

Games six and seven were against Jonathan of Riekland and John Parish of the Angry Orc Mob. It was a busy day for Mordheim so a couple of multiplayer games were going – sadly I missed out on them, but there’s always another time. Jonathan’s Rieklanders had picked up a few more scary archery skills and a new member or two – I was now significantly outnumbered by the man-things – and John’s savage orc henchmen group had grown significantly bigger and buffer since I’d last talked to him about it. Neither game looked like an easy proposition.


Game Six: Grab the Wyrdstone

Another wyrdstone hunt! My rats loved this one as their high movement really gave them an edge in getting the wyrdstone shards on the board, and then I could pick my fights and where they happened. We played on our village square board with the central well and the vampire-home, not moving much terrain from the base set up. Jonathan’s larger warband did worry me, especially with all its shooting but after some strategic placement of wyrdstone shards safely within buildings, and a couple of well placed Infiltrations, I was already two wyrdstone shards up. Since there were only three on the board to beign with I was in a winning position before the word go – just like the Skaven like it!

Jonathan’s first two turns were spent taking up positions in the Northern buildings (I’ll get a map of both boards up some time in the near future!) while I ran nearly all of my warband up the East flank, taking my Assassin, both Black Skaven, Gut (my melee gutter runner/psychopath) and Kikichyro the Verminkin on a wide swing. My sniper and Run (the ranged gutter runner) hung back in the South-West corner of the board, holding the church and taking whatever shots they could. This left my Sorceror and Globadier, both of who had infiltrated, to circle back and join one of these groups. Instead they ended up stuck behind the well due to the awkward fact that it was roughly 12.5″ from there to any useful cover and I didn’t want them turned into pincushions.

My sniper traded his standard fare of ranged terror with the crossbowmen (i.e. he missed a couple of shots then got crossbow’d in his snout) while Run managed to keep the archers from invading the church through sheer weight of metal thrown at them. If you’ve seen mystery men, he did a fair impression of the Blue Raja as he had evidently brought every bit on non-knife cutlery with him. This meant that despite some impressive accuracy he could only inflict mild concussions on the longbowmen.

My melee group made it around the flank to murder a couple of swordsmen which took Jonathan into rout check territory. I can’t remember if he chose to rout or failed the check but the game was over at this point. I escaped with two shards plus the six I found afterwards. A tidy sum of gold for the Samurats meant I could still afford my middling effective mercenaries and get some more debatably useful heavy armour for my heroes. I banked the rest in the hope of getting enough extra gold from my game against John Parish to pick up a second Jezzail for my sniper, doubling his chance to hit something.


Game Seven: Invade the Orc Castle

This was a Defend the Find game with John’s orc war band as the defenders, being over 100 points behind me at this point which definitely made him the underdog. Although his war band was mostly Toughness four with great weapons, frenzy or lots of swords so they were frothing-at-the-mouth rabid underdogs.

We were playing on the ruined mansion board. I deployed all on the East side in the outhouse/extension building that connected to the main mansion by a single gangplank. This was except for my Sorcerer and Globadier who made the interesting decision to deploy on the North flank behind some walls facing off against three savage orcs and a black orc. As I said, an interesting decision.

I bunched up just below the gangplank on my first turn, remembering that my claw armed Skaven had picked up Stupidity – or as I called it, Selective Cowardice – for being my only casualty to have come out with a negative injury from the game before. With my Assassin shouting at him he kept up with the pack.

Parish charged two orcs across the gap, but one was just out of range. The other got diced in combat that turn due to my Halberd Skaven’s Lightning Reflexes. The other got throwing-knifed to death as I charged into the orcs’ castle. My Globadier and Sorcerer had taken down a single Savage orc but were now in combat.

My Globadier went down but they got another Savage orc in return. I pushed across the bridge and took out the remaining orc on that side, leaving Parish in morale check range. He passed at the beginning of his turn and charged into me in true Orc fashion.

The rest of the game was a bloodbath, or a least a violent display of wanton violence. Another two orcs were knocked down but I couldn’t manage to take them out – then My Assassin took out his second orc after the last Savage boy leapt across the landing gap in true heroic style, making him an orc kebab a la Weeping Blade. Unfortunately two of my Skaven went down as well, so I’d be taking a morale check the turn after. My Sniper finally hit something – the orc Chief no less! But his Lucky Charm saved him…

I had a few choice swear words for that Chief when he crossbow’d my Sniper in return.

I failed my rout check, and so the Samurats bravely ran away leaving a measly three orc-things in their castle. I was pretty annoyed about this, but it had been a fun game. I bought Lucky Charms for all my heroes simply out of desperation for more paper-shields. I still had enough for a second Jezzail too! And then it was highlighted to me that only Clan Skryre could buy Jezzails. Those selfish, dastardly science-rats! So I settled on a hand-gun, with the plan to later upgrade it.


I was now two victories up and five losses down. Not the greatest record but I was running a pretty lucrative racket by running away most of my games. Our Campaign Leader Ric III re-revealed to us all at this point that winning games did matter and we were meant to be keeping track. There was general grumbling from people who had been scrapping without too much or a worry for remembering who’s broken nose was more severe. EXCEPT FOR ME! Huzzah for the blog! Although my record isn’t the most glorious…SO I’ll just have to stop running away, right? What a very un-Skaven battle plan…


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