Big Bad Chad’s Big Bad Spartan 9th Age Escalation League (2017)

This post is mainly for the Surrey Spartans playing in the 9th Age Escalation League I’ve organised. Below are the rules, which will be subject to change if and as necessary. We’ll be starting games in March 2017, at the deadline for starting lists is 25th Feb 2017. If there is a new rules drop during the League, I will work out an ad-hoc work around.


  • The league will run for six months, starting on 1st March and finishing on 31st August.
  • Each player will play one opponent each month, so each player will play 6 games.
  • Players start with 2000pt lists.
  • Each month players get an additional 500pts to add to their armies.
  • Player lists must be submitted by the 25th of each new month, before they play any games. Failure to do so will result in a -5pt penalty. So March’s lists must be submitted by 25th February, April’s by 25th March, etc. When submitting a list, players must confirm a list is final by finishing their submission email with “This is my final list for (month).” Lists without this phrase are not considered final, and lists with this phrase can only be changed if the event or game rules change.
  • If player lists are incorrect, illegal, or do not tally up with previous lists, they will receive a -5pt penalty.
  • Failure to arrange and play your game will result in the player who failed to turn up receiving -10pts and the other player receiving 10pts. If both players are equally responsible for the failure to play a game, they both receive -5pts instead. Que Culpa decided by League Organiser Chad, May He Live Forever, as convinced by evidence put forward by the plaintiffs..
  • Each game to be played as divided up in the Scenario Pack (to be handed out later).


Tallying Up

Once an element of your list is confirmed, it is locked in and can only be changed in very limited manners. For example, if I take 25 Greybeards with Great Weapons in Month 1, they must appear in all future lists. They may increase in number, but not decrease, and once increased they must stay at the new larger size unless increased again.

Mundane Weapons in units may be exchanged for other Mundane Weapons. For example, if I have 20 Warriors of the Wasteland with Hand Weapon & Shield in Month 1, I can give them Great Weapons in Month 2. However, I can then swap these Great Weapons out for Halberds in Months 3 onwards.

Characters may always exchange their mundane equipment between months, but may never remove a magic weapon once they have it unless they give it to another character or valid unit standard bearer/champion as described below.

Characters can only change out their mount for one of a higher points value, never lower (except non-magical horses/wolves/spiders/other members of their race, which count as ‘mundane upgrades’ as above).  For example my general can be on foot in Month 1, on a horse in Month 2, on foot in Month 3 but if in Month 4 he takes a Manticore as a mount he can only replace it with a more expensive mount.

Magic Weapons and Magic Standards can never be removed from your list, however they can be shuffle around on characters. So if in Month 1 my general has the Axe of Battle and my BSB has the War Standard, in Month 2 my general can take the Ogre Sword, my BSB can carry the Axe of Battle and the Razor Standard and one of my unit standard bearers or Veteran Standard Bearers can carry the War Banner.

Points not used in a month carry over to the next month. So if in Month One your list is 1984/2000 points, when you begin Month Two you will be at 1984/2500 points before you make additions. In this way you can ‘bank’ points for a future month by not using them up in a month before.

Characters such as Bloodthirsters represent a difficulty in points – they cannot be taken initially, but nor can theybe purchased in subsequent months without a significant points sacrifice being made in the month before. As such, I am enabling a ‘character upgrade’ system: Any given character can be removed from the list as long as he is replaced with a more expensive (base cost) character of the same type (I.E. you cannot remove an Elven Captain and replace him with a Wizard Master). So a Wasteland Warlord can be removed and replaced with a Demon Prince, who can then be removed and replaced with a Greater Demon. All associated Magical equipment must be carried over or redistributed across your list when this is done unless the base cost of the upgrade is more that the total cost of the model being upgraded (I.E. If my Wasteland Warlord is more points than a Demon Prince with his magical equipment, all magical equipment must be redistributed. If he is fewer points then the Magic Items do not need to be redistributed, but may be or may be re-purchased in a subsequent list).



Each month all players will play the same scenario with the same deployment types. This is fair. Terrain can be set up as agreed by both players.

I would ask that players who wish to play acknowledge they will have to commit to playing six games over six months, and also to the battle report and list building review elements of this League. If you do not think you can or will commit to this, then please do not feel bad about stepping out.

There are however some achievement rewards based on play, tactics and getting all your homework in on time. Each can only be achieved once unless otherwise stated.


Big Bad Achievements:

Never Missed a Day of School –  Played all games on time and submitted new lists, battle reports and list reviews by the due date. 6 League Points.

I Am The Greatest! – Never lose a game. 4 League Points.

Heroes Never Die – Never have you general killed. 4 League Points.

First Rank, Fire! Second Rank, Fire! – Win a game without fighting a close combat in your turn.  3 League Points.

Keen Calcium Architect – Win a game and kill 75% or more of the enemy army, and only kill them in close combat. 3 League Points.

Now You See It… –  Destroy an entire enemy unit in a single Magic Phase. The unit must start that phase with at least ten infantry models, 5 cavalry models, 3 monstrous infantry or beast models, 2 monstrous cavalry models or be a monster or ridden monster with full starting wounds. 3 League Points.

Dominos In The Wind –  Cause 3 enemy units to panic in one phase. 2 League Points.

A Line In The Sand – Fail no panic or break checks and pass at least 6 over the course of the game. 2 League Points.

Title Fight – Kill an enemy general with your general in a challenge. 2 League Points.

M.A.D. – Finish a game with both players losing 85% or more of their armies (in points). 3 League Points.

A Boy With A Sling – Cause the final wound on a monster or character riding a monster with an infantry model. 2 League Points. If this is a R&F model(s) and the exact number of wounds required to kill the monster were caused, instead 3 League Points.

A Philistine Hero –  With a single monster or single character (inc. mounts), destroy or break & overrun two enemy units in a single game (excluding warmachines). 2 League Points. If you destroy or break & overrun four enemy units in a single game with a single monster or mounted character, instead 3 League Points.

Not Even My Final Form – Win a game with a list that starts at 250 or more points below the month’s points limit (so in Month 1, 1800 points or less). 2 League Points. If you win with a list that is 350 or more points below the month’s points limit, instead 3 League Points. If you unlock this achievement in the final month, +1 League Point.

In The Footsteps of Phyrrus – Win a game 11-9 and lose 80% or more of your army (in points). 1 League Point.  If you lose 90% or more, instead 2 League Points.

I Am Become Death – Destroy 100% of an enemy army in two games over the course of the League. 2 League Points. For each additional game you win by destroying 100% of an enemy army, +1 League Point.

You’ll Never Take Me Alive! – Lose 100% of your army without failing a break test. 1 League Points.

Was Some Varnish Too Much To Ask? – Score the lowest or joint lowest League Points before modification for achievements. 1 League Point.

The People’s Army – Have you final army list consist of 60% or more of models with the Insignificant rule (in points). 1 League Point.

A Noble Form of War – Have your final army list consist of 60% or more of mounted models (in points). 1 League Point.

Poor Beggars – Have your final army list consist of 90% or more of infantry models (in points). 1 League Point.

Monstrous Regiment – Have your final army list consist of 60% or more of monstrous models (by points). 1 League Point.

The Dog Ate It – Come up with an exceptionally good, creative or funny excuse that you have failed to submit a battle report, list review or list on time. Judged by Chad alone. 1 League Point.

On The Button – Have over 50% (4 or more) of the lists you submit be on the points limit for that month. Lists that are not submitted on time do not count towards this achievement. 1 League Point.

A Legend in the Making – Submit all Battle Reports as narrative battle reports. Quality, spelling and grammar overlooked but must meet the minimum word requirement. 1 League Point.

Teacher’s Pet – Be the first player to submit their list, list review and battle report in a given month. This can be achieved multiple times. 1 League Point. (Yes, Chad can get this too but if you submit your list before he publishes the relevant blog post of his army then you will count as submit your documents before him.)

Chronic Underachiever – Score the fewest achievements by the end of month six, excluding this one. 1 League Point.

I Should Really Get My Dog Looked At – Never submit any documents on time. -5 League Points.

Spectator Sport – Have the most photo’s taken of your games (max three photos submitted per player.

Season Ticket Holder – Watch the most League games. (Evidence submitted by photographing deployment and final turn, and one with the two players or the players both agree you watched most of their game). 1 League Point.

Shiniest Suits Of Armour You’ve Ever Seen – Have the most votes for best painted army in a month. Can be achieved multiple times. 1 League Point.

Thanks, But You Can Have It – Win the ‘Best Sportsman Award’ at the end of the League. 5 League Points.

Artisan of War – Win the ‘Best Tactician Award’ at the end of the League. 5 League Points.

I’m Taking Commissions –  Win the most ‘Best Painted Award’s at the end of the League. 5 League Points.


For Best Sportsman & Best Tactician players should submit their nominations after the final game of the league has been played. For Best Painted Awards nominations should be submitted by the 25th of the relevant month. So for the March Best Painted Award, nominations should be submitted by 25th March, etc.

Any Questions Should Be Directed To Chad Via The FaceBook Group. This is so that Chad doesn’t have to answer the same questions repeatedly. Amendments will be made as and if necessary to this document.




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    1. Sure!

      Achievement Unlocked
      RTFM: Commented on a League post on Chad’s Blog. 0 League Points. If you comment on *all* league posts (those head Big Bad Escalation League), 1 League Point Instead.


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