Getting Ginyu Month 2 Progress Report

How has my work out regime survived into month 2 of 2017?

Pretty well. I’m going to the gym twice a week, for an hour at least, and I’ve been more careful about what I eat – there’ only been three instances of takeaway, and I think two of those were actually within calories. I’ve also been told that I’ve lost weight, which is always a good feeling! Even if I’ve not actually lost any…That means I lost shape, right? That’s better, yeah?

My diet is still not ideal for weight loss, or super toning up. A sausage in a bun for breakfast, a wrap of various vegetables, some sort of meat and sometimes cheese for lunch and then a home cooked meal that nearly always consists of rice or noodles, a selection of vegetables and chorizo or chicken – although more recently it’s varied to squid when I feel I can splash out. I’m trying to have chicken instead of pork, as it’s a leaner meat and therefore less fatty, better for the diet and probably generally better for you but I am having trouble with that since it just tastes so bland unless I cook it in something.

I have developed my sauce making game a lot though. I know longer purely use chopped tomatoes as a base, thankfully for my taste buds as I think they were getting frustrated with the repetitive nature of my home made condiments. Mustard, butter, coconut oil and a few other things are all being used to form a flavourful fusion with which I decorate and saturate my foods. Not all of my creations are exactly diet frenzy, and I need to remember to cook in oil rather than butter as much as possible, but it certainly makes my meals more satisfying!

Which is a big part of what makes a diet work – satisfaction. If you’re not satisfied with what you’re eating, you’re going to eat more or differently and this usually is where I go wrong with dieting, as do many I others I suspect. So I’m not losing 2lbs a week as hoped for, but I’m certainly healthier and fitter than I was a month ago!

My gym workout is currently two weekly sessions of 20-30 minutes cardio, which has increased from 20 to 30 as the month’s gone on. This is then followed by 30-60 minutes of using various weight machines in an effort to #getginyu for May Expo. I don’t think I’ve got much chance of achieving my goal by then BUT I will be in much better shape and possibly even look like I go to the gym regularly, which’ll be great for my self-esteem and it’ll keep my hope alive that I’ll be ready properly for October Comicon.

I’ve got to get the armour designed, however, and I’m suffering the same issues brides-to-be do with their wedding dresses. Do I get armour I can fit into now and risk it being out-sized for the event, or do I get armour at the size I want to be and desperately work to fit into it? Or do I wait until closer to the time and order armour then, possible having to settle for something less than ideal or not quite perfect looking because I’ve not left myself enough time? Yeah, I know that generally weddings are more important events than Comicon but I’m not getting married soon so this is the big outfit stress in my life currently. Nor will Iw ear a dress to my wedding, most will be glad to hear, and will happily settle for the traditional suit and take the easy option that men have since wedding attire became an industry.

How am I going to improve my work out regime so I step up in February? Great question. I’m going to try to fit a third gym session into my week, and I’m playing badminton with my family for an hour once a fortnight, hopefully going to once a week if I can convince some friends to go on the off fortnight. This will put me at an impressive 4-6 work out hours a week – or impressive for me, at least. I’m also going to up my little work outs to the below:

3×30 Star Jumps

3×30 Squats

2×15 Press ups

2×15 Sit ups

2×30 second planks

I’ve also rediscovered my 5lb dumbbells, so I’m doing 3×20 biceps curls, 3×20 tri-cep drops and 3×15 wing lifts with them which will help with toning and muscle building a bit. I think and hope. If I’m honest I haven’t done these as regularly as predicted, so will have to improve on that if it’s going to help.

I also hope that my weight loss and dieting helps reduce my snoring – which at time of writing I’m being mocked for by my supposedly-loving girlfriend. I honestly have no clue if being fatter makes snoring worse, but I have a sneaking suspicion it does. Or a desperate hope, whichever fits better.

So that’s about it for my update! Except that I can declare I gained 2lbs and then lost 5lbs, giving me a net loss of albs which I suppose I’m happy with. I do feel like I’ve lost a lot more but I still have a depressingly sized gut so I know I have a long way to go. But that’s why we struggle; to triumph. So I’ll keep struggling along until I look a little bit like one of the overly developed villains from a make believe world that shows a big misunderstanding of how human physiology and musculature works! An unrealistic goal, but hidden beneath that ridiculous purpose is a realistic and achievable goal that I know I can reach if I keep trying. So struggle along I will.


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