Surrey Spartans Big Bad Escalation League – Month 1 Lists

So the time has finally come! Pairings are as below, and the lists are also her. Use CTRL+F and search a players name to go through them, we’re not getting individual blog posts because I have to submit a novel to publishers today so don’t have time for it.

Felix Newman vs John Parish
Michael Measures vs Matthew Hobbit Doran
David Johnson vs Jon Thunder Chadrock
Michael Blackman vs Marcos Balsamico
Paul Ellison vs Steve Walters
James Abbott vs John Laffan

Go, go, Power Gamers!

Felix Newman – Wrath Demons

General – Melvian Sigmund

Harbinger of Wrath, Crusher, Blood Sword (310)

BSB – Garuth Sigmund

Harbinger of Wrath, Aether Icon, Blood Sword, Obsidian Horn (355)

Garuth’s Hunting Party

10 Slaughterers, Blood Swords (210)

10 Slaughterers, Blood Swords (210)

10 Slaughterers, Blood Swords (210)

Melvian’s Hunting Pack

5 Furies (140)

5 Hellhounds (280)

5 Hellhounds (280)

TOTAL = 1995


Harbinger of Wrath, Crusher, Blood Sword

Provides a character that is survivable and puts out some hurt. Can be run solo against most armies (like a Saurian Ancients cowboy) and be trusted to hold up units that do not have AP. Also required to be the General, as my BSB is integral to the list and cannot be the General.

Harbinger of Wrath, Aether Icon, Blood Sword, Obsidian Horn

This character is an intergral part of the army design. At these low level points he provides much needed magic defence for the list and at higher points values he will provide Hatred to a big block.

10 Slaughterers, Blood Swords

10 Slaughterers, Blood Swords

10 Slaughterers, Blood Swords

In the MSU style list I will be playing, there are no better units in the Daemons book (and few better units in the game) than Slaughterers. With a 5+ and 5++, Lethal Strike, S5 in the first round of combat, WS5 and I4 they can go toe to toe with smaller elite units easily.

5 Furies

These are fast (Fly 10), can deal with other chaff (S5 in the first round) and can also go hunting war machines. 5 of them in dart formation can also provide nice combat res with a flank or rear charge late game.

5 Hellhounds

5 Hellhounds

Potentially the best units in the entire Daemons book. They are tough, fast and hit hard. All of this in a small footprint. They are deceptively good and opponents often underestimate them.



(Scouting report from Harbinger of Change Tzaron, Emissary to the God of Change:)

Of all the agents of the God of Wrath, the most troubling I have encountered are the brothers Sigmund. Whilst we are used to our old enemy adopting the strategy of “full offence is the best kind of defence”, and this is certainly the case for the one they call Melvian, the other brother is far more measured and calculating. Garuth, as I have heard his name whispered upon the hot winds of the Blasted Wastes, tempers the fire and fury in his brother’s heart with organisation and tactical thinking.

 We were fortunate enough to catch one of their minions alive and kept it in this state long enough to tear information from its fragile mind. Once I had dug through the rage and hate inside, much was revealed about the origin of the brothers. Originally hailing from the uncivilized side of The Baecons, the brothers were marauders and nomads, living out of a cart they called “The Loot Wagon”. Their band of raiders ransacked their way across small villages that were themselves only scraping by on subsistence farming and gathering. Garuth led the bulk of their forces, which at that point numbered three dozen hardened warriors, whilst Melvian (at that point still mostly holding on to his fragile sanity) would throw himself into battle alongside the bands war-dogs and younger members of the warband.

It was at this point in the memory that details became hazy, as our captive’s mind began to melt, but from what I could gather it was this crazed behaviour that caught the attention of the God of Wrath as the raiding band moved closer to the Wastelands. However, there is no doubt in my mind that the scheming Garuth was the one to broker the deal that gained the brothers immortality. This is a warband of our enemy that we would do well to keep a Weavers eye upon, as it has been many lifetimes since I can recall such a potent mixture of raw power and tactical prowess in agents of the God of Wrath.

2 League Points Awarded:

1 LP for first submission.

1 LP for fluff.

John Parish – Sylvan Elves

Chieftan on Foot – General, Fey Arrows, Hail Shot, Longbow – 240

Dryads x10 – Champion – 238

Dryads x9 – 194

Dryads x9 – 194

Forest Eagle – 100

Pathfinders x5 – 230

Wild Huntsmen x6 – Musician, sheild – 402

Wild Huntsman x6 – Exchange Lance for blades, musician, sheilds – 402

Total:  2000

Characters (40% Max) = 240 (12%)

Core (25% Min) = 626 (31.3%)

Special (No max) = 100

Unseen Arrows (35% Max) = 230 (11.5%)

Fleet of foot (45% Max) = 804 (40.2%)


The Chief – General requirement fulfilled… he has his trusty Hail of Doom arrow to take out hopefully a unit per game!

3 units of Dryads are setting up my core at a cheeky 626 points meaning I can drop 500 points one month and have my full allowance done!

1 Eagle – Best chaff in the game! Fly 9…. Yes please!

2 x 6 Wild Riders – 1 unit with paired weapons & 1 with lances… This is interesting and my experiment for the campaign! I personally think these are potentially the best models in the game for their points…. apart from their frenzy!!!

5 x Pathfinders – Getting ready to expand on this unit… Although small it’ll generally be 5 shots hitting on 3’s… If people have taken some 2+ T3/4 stuff this should aid with this from range!
Looking forward to this campaign!! 😀

Chad‘s Notes: Honorary mention to the fluff provided thus far: Chieftan Jeff is a bit of a boy.

0 League Points Awarded

On the Button: 1/4


John Laffan – Vampire Covenants


Hero=790  39.5%

Vampire Courtier

  • Lamia: Blade of Red Thirst; Wizard Apprentice ; 1 Learned Spell; Court of the Damned; The Dead Arise 790

Core=544   27.2%

8 Dire Wolves: Champion 136

8 Dire Wolves: Champion 136

8 Dire Wolves: Champion 136

8 Dire Wolves: Champion 136

Special=320  16%

5 Barrow Knights: Champion; Musician; Standard Bearer (Banner of the Barrow Kings) 320

Suffering=280  14%

5 Spectral Hunters 280

1,934 points

So my army is about hunting.

Lots of fast stuff to chase down what ever creature stumbles across is on our nightly escapades.

First of the slowest choice.

Vampire Courtier on  a Court of the Damned.

This is Lady O’Quinns special chair. She can watch all the mayhem and blood shed from her mobile stately home.

Next up are her huntsmen, 5 dashing young men she allured into her clutches to chase down and kill her prey.

However she also raised their souls after death so she has twice as many hands, their dead rotting corpses and their ethereal souls.

Last up our the pups or dire wolves, these beasts are pure chaff. There to take the hits, hold units up and redirect charges.

So I believe my force won’t like prolonged combat, so unbreakable units of stand fast will be a giant problem for me. Also shooting list will a big issue. Hopefully I’ll have enough speed to limit the shooting I will receive.

I’m hoping for lots of small forces, also a challenge or two so I can brag that someone’s general died to a girl.

Rionach Lamia O’Quinn

 “Grandad the farmers children say Lady O’Quinn lives at night and sleeps in the day”

 “She doesn’t like the sun little one so she works at night and sleeps in the day”

 “But everyone likes the sun, I think she’s silly”

 “Then you’ve never heard the tale of Rionach O’Quinn and how her father died”

 “No grandad mother says it a scary story and I shouldn’t listen”

“Then how will you know why she walks at night and not in the day”

“If you tell me I won’t tell mommy”

 “You best not, that daughter of mine has such a bad temper”

 “Why does mommy get angry grandad”

 “That’s a story for another time little one,

Now this is the story about Rionach O’Quinn, 

She once owned all the land around here, the farmers the sheep even the fruit on the trees.

Mind she never ate anything her self, she would instruct her subjects to sell and pay their taxes”

 “What’s taxes”

 “Everyone pays taxes on what they take from the land and it goes to Lady O’Quinn, cos it’s her land”

 “That’s mean she does no work”

 “That’s cos she owns the land little one, you’ll understand one day. Now Lady O’Quinn loved to hunt, but she never used horse’s or dogs, they say she could smell her quarry, could you imaging that little one”

 “Like a doggie grandad” 

 “That’s it little one, just like a doggy, she’d out run the horses and drag down the beast with her bare hands”

 “That’s scary grandad”

 “Yes it is little one but she had the strength of ten men”

 “I wish I had the strength of ten men then I’d  beat all the nasty kids by the river”

 “Little one kids grow up, but when the village was attack by a group of fierce Orcs Lady O’Quinn killed every last one” 

 “Is that why we burn Orcs at the stake grandad”

 “Yes thats why, it shows the Orcs they can’t come here”

 “However during the Orcs raid her father was kidnapped, and only a single blue feather was found on his bed, a witch hunters calling card”

 “What’s a calling card”

 “It’s like leaving a clue as to who committed the crime”

 “But why would he leave a clue”

 “Because it was a trap, he wanted Lady O’Quinn to come after him so he could finish what the Orcs had started, burn the village down and the taint of Lady O’Quinn’s vampire influence on the land. Then he’d be able to kill her without any issues and blame the whole thing on the Orcs”

 “He’s not very nice”

 “No witch hunter is nice little one. Their just as evil as the things they hunt. Never trust one, never”

  “To sleep little one I’ll tell you what happened tomorrow night”

 “Tomorrow I’m going to practice my fighting skills so I can be like Lady O’Quinn grandad.”

Lady Rionach Lamia O’Quinn of Gotnahoe people’s queen until the village was burnt to the ground by Inquisitor Strakenburg, cleansed to rid her taint from the land. 

She now races across the blighted nights hunting her new prey “Strakenburg”. Needing to rectify the wrongs her people have suffered by his hands, she will not stop until he is slain.

But many obstacles lay in her path. 

Lady Rionach is gaining an infamous name for herself and every night she comites more atrocities and gains more hideous titles to her growing fame. But will they be good or bad.

So her army of dead villagers and their pets (big doggies tho) follow her on this insanity inducing quest to right a very rich blood dept.

Her noble knights and their squires ride along side her comfort barge with her newly turned handmaidens.


I will be adding an extra layer of fun and folly to my General.

If She beats a player they may add a bad title to her growing infamy to show their grudge against her.

If she loses they may add a good title to show how fragile and innocent she is as she’s just a lady.

So at the end of the league she should have a very long name.

Every time I or my opponent wants to attack with or against her, we’ll have to name her correctly.

1 League Point Awarded:

1 LP for fluff.

Paul Ellison – Empire of Sonnstahl

++ Empire of Sonnstahl (BS2.0 Empire of Sonnstahl v14) (1998pts) ++

+ Characters (494pts) +

········Knight Commander (246pts) [Army General, Horse, Lance (30pts), Shield (6pts)]

········Marshal (248pts) [Horse (40pts), Lance (12pts), Shield (6pts)]
············Battle Standard Bearer (30pts) [War Standard (30pts)]

+ Special (650pts) +

········Knightly Orders (650pts) [Champion (20pts), 11x Knight (550pts), Musician (20pts)]
············Standard Bearer (30pts) [Gleaming Icon (10pts)]

+ Character + Imperial Armoury (300pts) +

········Artificer (150pts) [Long Rifle (20pts)]

········Artificer (150pts) [Long Rifle (20pts)]

+ Core + Imperial Auxillaries (554pts) +

········Light Infantry (194pts) [11x Light Infantry (154pts), Replace Crossbow with Handgun]
············Champion (40pts) [Repeater Gun (20pts)]

········Light Infantry (180pts) [10x Light Infantry (140pts), Replace Crossbow with Handgun]
············Champion (40pts) [Repeater Gun (20pts)]

········Light Infantry (180pts) [10x Light Infantry (140pts), Replace Crossbow with Handgun]
············Champion (40pts) [Repeater Gun (20pts)]

Total: 1998

List review…

This is my first list review in the typed format, my usual “I think it’s a good list and is generally balls to the wall” is apparently insufficient so here we go.

The initial choices of my list; largely shooty with a pain train knight unit is in itself fairly robust, but glass hammer-esque. If left unchecked it will run through small units with ease, but could be prone to chasing units off of the table. I choose if for no other reason than I have the models to hand and was unable to get the steam tank in – sad face.

I think it will be fairly strong against small ‘elitist’ armies and will struggle to deal with horde based armies; being new to ninth it was a real concern for me, but after being advised at this points cost limit this will be fairly unlikely I feel I have made a strong life choice with it. Another weakness would be the magical element… I HAVE NONE! This could pose a large weakness in the list at later stages of the league, but at the moment I do not feel this is a major setback.

Tactics for the first game – shoot the enemy to pieces and follow up with a devastating charge of knights… hopefully.



Duke Cecil Perceville Ramsbottom the first (likely to be the last), the tight-fisted Earl of all of the lands behind him (self-proclaimed) awoke to his usual breakfast – a full English of course. His nose wrinkled and long curly moustache wriggled at the smell of the breakfast mixed with black powder which filled his nostrils. The sounds of the smithy making shoes for horses, shot or something new and fancy along with the clanging of swords could be heard in the distance. What a wonderful start to the day he thought to himself, things could only get better.

The Duke was well known for his idiosyncrasies and fool hardiness; but there was something in the air that no one could deny – and on this occasion it was not the Duke’s flatulent posterior, but the tension in the air, the Duke’s soldiers felt it for sure. They signed up for king and country, not to follow some pompous fool into battle; but with all their misgivings they were about to find out whether or not his “highness” was as good a tactician as he believed he was. The 31st Regiment – The King’s Fusiliers – were prepped and ready for the off. There was a war to win and many enemies to slay, they took the King’s coin and now had no reason not to follow the King’s colours into battle.

The Duke’s personal bodyguard and banner bearer were loyal to the hilt and would not tolerate any such grumblings from the ranks. One man; John Humphreys – the poor sod, was stripped to the waist and flogged to an inch of his life for a passing comment made, as he stated, in jest. But an example had to be made to quell any discontent and thoughts of mutiny.

The Duke was now ready, he raised his gigantic Warhammer and wore his gleaming armour, and he stood out like a sore thumb. Many of his soldiers hoped that this would attract the enemy’s fire, but for the time being they were stuck with him. The small ‘expeditionary force’ formed up in ranks behind their leader whilst the rest of the regiment were forming up their heavy weapons for when the enemy was located. Many soldiers made token efforts and small prayers to the many different gods for safe passage to the sounds of the Duke shouting “Tally ho” as he led them from the safety of their encampment to the unknown.

1 League Point Award:

1 LP for Fluff.

James Abbot – Kingdom of Equintane

Characters 791

Duke, 385

General, Barded Warhorse (85) Crusader’s Helm (90) Lance (30) Shield (10)

Paladin, 406

BSB (50), Barded Warhorse (45) Aether Icon (55), Crown of scorn (30) Lance (12) Shield (4) Valour (80)

Core, 1070

Knights Aspirant, 260

X5  ,Musician (20)

Knights Aspirant, 260

X5  ,Musician (20)

Knights of the Realm 550

x10 FCG (60)

Special 120

Yeomen Outriders 120

x5, Shields (10)

Total: 1981/2000

Forward my fellow knights!

I found a 2000 point list really challenging as I have only ever played games at 4500 pts, However I settled on trying to purchase my core units outright. 2 units of 5 Aspirants and 10 Knights of the Realm. On top of this I picked up my Duke and Paladin. The duke will be constrained to pony riding for the mean time but will hopefully get a large and much more dangerous mount fairly soon.

I won’t be taking advantage of any magic with my lists as I have terrible dice luck so picked up a Crown of Scorn and Aether Icon on my BSB. Lances all round for my heroes as befits the true nobles of Equitaine. Finally I grabbed a unit of 5 Yeomen Outriders, some light chaff to distract and abuse my poor enemies.

Clocking in at 1981 points I have a little bit of a buffer for my next upgrades. Bring on the first game and on to glory!

0 League Points Awarded

Marcos Balseiro – Orcs & Goblins

+ Characters +

········Lord of Fightin’ [Army General, Common Orc, Great Weapon, Waaagh!, War Boar, Warlord]
············Magic Items [Armour of Destiny] 460pts

+ Core +

········Orc Boar Riders [10x Boar Rider, Champion, Common Orc, Lance, Musician, Shields, Standard Bearer] 380pts

········Orcs [Bow, Champion, Common Orc, Musician, 20x Orc, Standard Bearer] 240pts

+ Special +

········Gnasher Wrecking Team 140pts

········Gnasher Wrecking Team 140pts

+ Death from Above +

········Skewerer 90pts

+ Big’N Nasty +

········Gargantula 480pts

Total: 1930

Da arrows and skewerer are there to make any ones stooopid enough to come near pin em down and look like hedgehogs. Talking of hogs me boyz like to ride em into battle with nasty pokers. I just come along on my own hog for shitz and giggles. And any wanna really mess, come meet my little spider.

0 League Points Awarded

Michael Measures – High Born Elves

Charater 400
High prince
General, Prince of Ryma Honner, light armour, Great Bow of Elu, Mounted on a Dragon 400

Big Mounts 500
Dragon 500

Core 1100
Sea Guard x 25 600
HighBorn Lancers x 5 250
HighBorn Lancers x 5 250

Point limit 2000
Point of list 2000


I went with my standard view of if you can’t deal with this I win, taking one top end lord on a full dragon is hard to deal with in a 4500 point battle let alone a 2000 points list.

My next take was the 2 x 5 highborn lancer units, they score with fast movement so hopefully will take an objective or two. They also pose a minor threat with counter charges and can also manipulate the field with having such a long charge range making people play and re-think there movement. Thus allowing me to shape the field.

My final choice was a block of solid sea guard 25 of them, they shoot, and can move and shoot, while also fight in close combat. This makes them a great versatile block allowing me to actually hold a presence on the field.

0 League Points Award.

On the Button 1/4

Matt Doran – Beast Herds

Horny Bastard and the Goat Blokes: The Ramglorious Bastherds 

Characters (40% max) Total = 795

GorMor RorBor (330pts)

Beast Chieftain- 120

Gourd of Beetles- 50

Armour of Fortune- 50

Beast Axe- 20

Raiding Chariot- 90

Bad Trip (465pts)

Soothsayer- 185

+1 Spell- 50

Wizard Master- 70

Raiding Chariot- 30

Dark Raid- 80

Talisman of Greater Shielding- 50

Core (20% Minimum) Total = 992

Slam it in (390pts)

3 x Raiding Chariot (these are Core in units of 3+)

The Cloven Cocks (280pts)

20 Wildhorns- 200

Paired Weapons- 40

Throwing Weapons- 40

Rabble Rabble Rabble (322pts)

23 Wildhorns- 230

Paired Weapons- 46

Throwing Weapons- 46

Special (No Limit) Total = 200

ManWolfPig (100pts)

Razortusk Herd

Salted Pork (100pts)

Razortusk Herd

Total Points = 1987

I wrote this in about 10 minutes so it could well be awful. But lets see what happens!

Musings on my list:

There’s not a great deal to say at this point. This is a very small list and my main plan (which a few others have also done) is to get most or all of the core I need for my 4500pt list into a 2000pt list. Which makes this list less than optimal.

My main combat blocks, the Wildhorn herds, will struggle against most infantry with no armour and S3, but there are a lot of them, and they are quick with Move 5. Plus Primal Instincts is DELICIOUS.

My chariot unit needs to hit a high value unit well on the charge and then hope to scrape a win in combat.

My heroes are on Chariots, making them tougher and hit harder which is nice. I have some decent magic with a 2 spell wizard master and a middling combat hero (who also has a Gourd of Beetles). This means I can swap out Swarm of Insects on my Shaman for Wyssans (or whatever its called now) without worrying about losing a handy spell. Dark Rain also means I have a chance against the shooting lists out there.

I think I do well enough against infantry, and the pigs can hunt war machines. My main issue will be with beefy combat heroes and (or riding on) monsters. I don’t really have an answer to them! Except to spam Swarm of Insects and pray…..

Lets hope the first gig goes well!

0 League Points Awarded

Michael Blackman – Ogre Khans

Khagan  210

Bruisers x7 517

Sabretooth tiger 80

Tuskar cavalry 470

Bombardiers 230 240

Musician 10

Rock Auroch 480

TOTAL: 1997 points


The theme for my list is a winter snow land! So with that in mind, many big, hungry, savage and cuddly terrifying creatures in the allotted points as possible. I’ve already mounted tree’s to the bases; with snow sprinkled on them and if more time permits maybe some sort of festive decorations as well (bells around Tuskar necks?)

Now the thought and Strategies(s) that swirled my mind like vapors when coming up with this list. Ogres are a fast, hard and hugh damage dealing army, so with that in mind i wanted multiple good sized hammers that can deal a ton of damage onto a unit or when combined destroy a unit.

So I went for three hammers (two fitting the theme) a unit size of 7 Bruisers is grim to be facing… sure they strike last, lack the defensive abilities as the other unit of ogres occupying the same slow but i’m confident that their wounds can soak up enough hits to have a decent punch back at the opposing unit plus their core, since most other core units dream of the damage of a hungry ogre with a very large heavy stick can achieve i say i got a good start already.

Tuskar and the Rock Auroch are my next two units to take (fitting the theme) and reading their rules i knew i needed to have them in my list. I am some what riding on the Rock Auroch (i do not apologies for bad puns) to have a groaning psychological impact on my opponents.

The Sabre tooth Tiger is there for redirecting units and also war machine hunting, hes paired up with Bombardiers… since if he dies the bombardiers will go for the opposing chaff putting (hopefully) both sides at the same level in that hidden bloody secret affair that is the true war in this game the… chaff war.

And last but not least Khagan himself, who is naked save from his below adequate loin cloth covering his family jewels (not a pretty sight to be witnessing) basically a character filler for now…

Fluff part…

            I wake up, to find my self prone and laid out, with my head to the left looking directly at the sun wincing from its powerful firey light, as i try to open my eyes. I crane my head to see whats in front of me while clasping my hands to find purchase, and feeling my hands submerge into fine granules, that feel rough and course. As i open my eyes i see now that i am on a sandy beach, with a bordered tree line twenty feet ahead, i get up with difficulty and survey the area around me, which is just a long sandy beach going as far as i can see. i look right then center then left, the beach is littered with debris and wreckage, all various sizes jutting out of the sand strewn across the beach. I find myself a thick beam of wood emerging from the sand, and i sit down to check my persons. Firstly i check my sword and its not bad, will need attention to it soon so it doesn’t rust, but for the most part will play a vital role in my survival. I go to my repeater pistol in my holster and give a visual check, i point in front of me and pull the trigger and with a 2 second delay the hammer makes a slow thud which tells me the internals are in need of attention.

             I put my hand over my forehead, and push back my stingy wet hair back looking up in the process, and notice at that point, movement from the shrubs and long grass, I stand up and my eyes dart around trying to determine its origin, until a feline figure comes bounding out, and heads straight for me. I instinctively bring my repeater to bare, but realize its nothing more than a fancy club, and my next action which i barely made was unsheathing my sword, but then it was too late the beast pounced on me, knocking me over and pinning me from the top. It lunges for a bite attack, which i manage to block with my sword and intercept it, I hold my sword in its mouth with all my strengh, as it clenches down with its jaw holding the blade, and i get a good look at its teeth, just rows upon rows of razor sharp daggers, with two huge fangs protruding from each side.

             It gives a low beastial growl at me, until i hear a low pitch whistle, that lasts for two seconds then stops, and the beast without looking lets go, and moves away from me. That gives me time to get my bearings, and notice two more beasts on either side of me, which i hadn’t noticed. I slowly get up while holding my sword out in a ready combat stance, until seven large shapes come out from the tree line, and as they come out into the light, their features show and i see their skin is a mottled grey with light contrasts. Four move from the right and three from the left, the group on the right was in a close group formation, and mostly bare chested with only a pair of trousers from the waist to the ankles, while one of them had a large bronze plate strapped to his stomach, and wearing a helmet. I assume he is ranked a leader among them, they all carried big clubs, that have nails or iron bands on them. On the left side the three other giants were armed with all sorts of finery, long handguns, scimitars, great swords and various warped plate armor,  strapped to themselves, one even looked to wear Sonnstalh material fabric with emblem patterns woven in.

             The leader of the group on the right points to me, and at his command two of the guards peel off and make their way to me, at this point i don’t know what was discussed, but one of the giants from the other group, wearing Sonnstalh patterns, shouts to the other group causing the guards to halt, And the two “leaders”shout at each other, seemingly to be arguing between themselves, until the right most leader stamps his foot and makes a gesture with his arm towards me, then the other leader, as if to tell the other one that he can have me. With out looking back the right group walk off back into the tree line, one of the left giants blows a whistle and the three beasts retract and follow what i assume is their master. The last one to walk back is the leader from the right group who came to ten feet, and said with such surprising well spoken common Sonnstalh “follow” , takes me a moment to take in what he said, but in that moment he turns around and starts walking back, i review my current options, and then follow gingerly to the tree line… Part 1

 1 League Point Awarded:

1 LP Fluff

Chad – Undying Dynasties

The Sandstorm – 2000 pts (Month 1 Submission)

Heroes (250pts)

Medulla Gogon (Hierarch) – General, Hierophant, Skeletal Horse Mount, Evocation, Ring of Fire – 250pts

Core (1020pts)

The Crazy Train – 3x Skeletal Chariots, Scoring – 290pts

High Aces – 3x Skeletal Chariots, Light Troops – 290pts

War Pigs – 3x Skeletal Chariots, Scoring, Standard Bearer – 310pts

Cowboys form Hell – 5x Skeletal Scouts – 130pts

Special (290pts)

Hell’s Bells – 3x Shabti, Paired Weapons, Standard Bearer, Champion – 290pts

Mason’s Menagerie (430pts)

Angel of Death – Colossus, Scales of Destiny – 430pts

Total: 1990pts

I’ve chosen a heavy metal theme because when I eventually finish converting up my chariots and cavalry they’ll have a Mad Max theme going on, based of all the wonderful things from that full and thought provoking film series. And also it gives them a bad ass element that Undying Dynasties channel well. Metal and Undeath have that sort of timeless bond that is so rarely found in fiction. It makes both aesthetic and thematic sense while also appealing to my personal sense of awesome. Whether or not I can keep it up we’ll see, but I have plenty of source material.

I appreciate I’ve created a list that as only got nineteen models in, and only two scoring units. Part of the problem for stems from only having about 30 skeleton infantry models and if I want to get WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) points in a month I’d either have to buy more later on or not run Necropolis Guard. Since option a) can be expensive and option b) would leave me without one of the best units in my list I decided to take the plunge and take limited numbers into the first month. Later on in the league I can switch the chariots to all being Light Troops and use them to harass and war machine/chaff hunt. This will mean that I’ll still have a use for them and they won’t fall by the wayside – and I don’t have to worry about my Core allotment. When I need a few more points I will most likely take either a second unit of Skeletal Scouts for a second Hierarch for bump up the current unit. I might consider a small unit of Skeleton Cavalry as a fast moving Scoring Unit for late game grabs, but this is less likely as I’d rather protect my Hierophant for obvious reasons!

Since everyone would be bringing small forces (I hope) I’d be relying on impact hits to steam roll over enough enemies that the counter swing didn’t threaten my chariots which are accurately stat’d up for being made purely out of bone and prayer. The Shabti and the Colossus would obviously be my heavy hitters, hopefully scary enough to draw fire from my more fragile chariots while also weathering it suitably. With the Ring of Fire, the Scales of Destiny and the small amount of shooting on the chariots & skeleton scouts I am hoping to be able to force people to come to me – especially since I can reanimate my losses, putting attrition firmly on my side. This should let me get the first charge, importantly for my chariots, and then the big guys can weigh in and mop up.

With no Pharaoh and only the Shabti to really fight off a decent sized block, I’d want to hold off getting engaged in combat for as long as possible except against dedicated shooting lists. Elves and Dwarves especially worry me, even with the supposed nerf to shooting. Crossbows and Handguns are the most fearsome thing for me this month, as S4 negates a bit of armour and Armour Piercing on top of that completely removes it from my chariots! Equally, repeating Bolt Throwers and Organ Guns spell doom for my small, specialist units but hopefully I can magic these away early, or present a more tempting target in the form of the Colossus which I can hopefully rebuild as I go.

And so ends my example of what I want submitted for the league as far as lists and list reviews go! During the writing of this post the aforementioned Spartan managed to get his list in before I was done, so I have been denied the first point of the league – but he did provide some fluff, which I feel I should encourage. As of now, optional fluff is welcome and if I like it enough (not difficult to achieve) I’ll award some points, maybe an extra for best fluff of the month. Unsurprisingly, I’ve happily prepared an example below for how this can take form. My example is going to be a bit longer than expected, so for others I’ll only need about 300 words of creative genius:

Medulla Gogon slunk out of the great pyramid to greet the sunrise as she had for four hundred long, empty years. Her King still rested, but the rituals must be observed. She stretched the long, sinuous form out before the sun, prostrating herself in apology that her King could not greet it himself. She’d been gifted her serpentine body by the first High Priestess of the Sandstorm centuries ago as a reward for her faith and loyalty. She’d considered it a curse, in life, but once the blessing of undeath had removed the shallow thoughts of appearance and finding lovers she’d realised how useful it was. Her sheer size intimidated many would-be treasure hunters and tomb raiders, and she could slither at the pace of most horses. Fresh bones littered the area around the royal pyramid from when her new form had proved its worth – fresh recruits for his Majesty when he rose. If he chose to.

                Medulla rose and prostrated herself seven times, utter the ritual words of repentance each time in accordance with the scriptures. She sighed as the sun continued to rise, apparently accepting her apology for the ten thousandth time. Both she and the sun seemed to have accepted her Pharaoh was not going to rise, and if he did they’d both be surprised. Her faith in Him never wavered; she knew He could rise. It was just whether she was worthy of His presence. She had been the least of his acolytes, and the least pious in when they’d last met. Why would He reward her with His awakening? She had resigned herself to this spurn, this rejection, within the first two centuries of her watch on the tomb. She had only a hundred more to bear before she could take her turn at resting.

                Bone scratched on limestone and echoes of sand whispering out from the pyramid entrance behind her. There was only other moving entity within the tomb, her King’s right hand lieutenant and commander of his personal guard. He was a dry and serious individual, even for the undead, and had been terrible company. But he was His Majesty’s right hand servant, and should be respected for that. Medulla did find it difficult at times, however.

                “Raiders come.” The two words resonated out with the certainty of the grave, the endless grasp of time reaching out over eons to sap life from anywhere it found it. They were the only two words he had uttered to her over the course of her Watch. All his other communication was pointing, nodding, head shaking or other non-verbal forms. He’d once left her a note in hieroglyphics displaying his patrol routes and schedule, but discussion and conversation were not part of his duties so he avoided them like the plagues of old.

                “Yes, Lord Phuc. They always do,” Medulla sighed again and turned to face her only companion during the Long Watch.

                “He will reward you for their severance.” Phuc’s impassive visage greeted her, the vibrant red and gold tattoos across his ivory skull and the wicked grin of undeath at odds with his sombre tone.

                “I am but a servant of His divine maje-“ Medulla replied by wrote and began to slither towards her antechamber to prepare, but her tired words were interrupted as Lord Phuc grasped her arms in his cold, dead hand.

                “You are worthy, Priestess Medulla. He will rise.” The empty pits of Lord Phuc’s eyes seemed to bore into her. “When this lunar cycle ends, so will His slumber. His legions begin to wake to prepare this world for His reign. You are His chosen herald. Take his vanguard and show these intruders His divine wrath.”

                Medulla’s eyes stretched wide, the leathery skin cracking as surprise and confusion. Was her King truly going to rise? Had Lord Phuc actually said all those words, or had she imagined it? Maybe the heat was finally getting to her after all this time, melting her mind even though it was meant to be safe in its burial jar. “Are you serious? I swear by the endless sands, Thkull Phuc, if this is your attempt at a joke I will scatter your bones so far that not even He will find them.”

                “I am always serious. Cease your blasphemy and go, spread word of His sandstorm.” Lord Phuc released her arm and span on one heel to march back into the pyramid, the myriad of blades on his back reflecting the morning sun like some celestial kaleidoscope. Screeching laughter burst out far below her and Medulla peered over the lip of the pyramid, thinking the raiders had already arrived. What greeted her was the most glorious sight she had seen in millennia.

                Chariots drawn by skeletal steeds burst forth from the ancient crypts at the base of the pyramid, skeletal horses clacking as they dragged their burdens in a circles while the ivory  charioteers’ laughter cut the air with its keening tone. Horseman rode in circles near them as three of the Shabti statues rose from their vigil, sand falling of them like golden water as they dug their way free. One of the chariots careened into them, shattering in a cloud of bone splinters and staggering one of the statues.

                Tentatively Medulla chanting, whispering as if afraid to be heard. The Rites of the Risen slithered from her throat, a vapour snaking its way towards the broken chariot and its crew. It disappeared, wrapping itself around the shards of bone and then fading from her view. Nothing. It remained broken, useless, a failure as so many of her previous attempts had been.

                A femur twitched, then a few vertebrae. All at once the chariot and its crew Rose, their bones fusing together and flying through the air as the steeds charged on. The chariot reformed, riders laughing as if nothing had happened. Medulla cried out to the sun and her King in thanks.

                The pyramid trembled in response. Medulla turned as a shadow fell across where she stood. From its perch atop the pyramid the aptly named Colossus stepped down from its post. It’s head tilted towards her and then it fell to one knee, ready to obey her instruction.

                Medulla would bring word of her King’s sandstorm, and she would do it gladly.

1 League Point Awarded:

1 LP Fluff

Steve Walters – Warriors of Wrath

The Blood Brothers 2000pts month one submission

Heroes (900pts)

Anointed (420pts)
Harbinger of chaos
Talisman of Greater Shielding
Mark of Wrath

Anointed (480pts)
Harbinger of chaos
Dusk Stone
Mark of Wrath

Core (494pts)

10 x Warhounds (150pts)

12 x Wasteland Warriors (344pts)
Paired weapons
Mark of Wrath

Special (610pts)

3 x Crusher Knights  (610pts)
Daemon Weapons
Aether Icon


Hagun braced his feet on the Ogres neck and pulled his axe free. Blood spurted up and covered himself in warm fresh blood. He closed his eyes lost in the rage and screamed ‘Blood for the Blood God’

‘This is madness!’ Egun shouted at his brother with a grim smile on his face.

‘I know’ Hagun replied lost in the pure joy of the slaughter.

The scene at the feet of the brothers was gruesome, there were dead ogres everywhere and the remains of the Blood Brothers were converging on the pair.

It had been 5 years since Hagun and his brother has separated from their tribe to make a name for themselves. They called themselves The Blood Brothers and they had fought their way across the northern wastes in an attempt to attract the gaze of the Blood God.

There was a huge roar from behind Egun and he spun and quickly assessed the new threat, a Huge Ogre Chieftain had entered the fray and was armed with two savage Ogre blades and was screaming a challenge towards Egun.

Hagun smiled and started to sprint towards the new threat in defence of his brother.

He closed the ground quickly and the Ogre Chieftain was laughing loudly.

Egan spun quickly on the spot and planted his feet firmly in the earth and hurled one of his throwing axes at the new threat.

The axe struck the Ogre in the chest and rooted itself deep into the thick slab of muscle of the ogres chest. The Ogre looked down and pulled the axe free while continuing to laugh.

Hagun closing the ground between himself and the new enemy raised his huge blade above his head and leaped into the air screaming and plunged his axe into the neck of the ogre chieftain.

The battlefield descended into a a scene of pure slaughter as the blood brothers joined the brothers in combat.


1 League Points Awarded:

1 LP Fluff

David Johnson – Ogre Khans


-5 League Points Awarded:

-5 for no submission.


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