A Brief & Unembellished Biography

Good morning, afternoon, evening, night – whatever time of day you’re reading this! I am Chad, and I’m glad you’re here!

I’m a writer, gamer and dieter – you may have guessed as much from the site! I am in the process of finishing my first novel, soon to be annoying agents and pestering publihsing houses with a manuscript, and have a plethora of short stories to my name, all of which will be available on the E-bookstore/Applestore/Kindlestore by the end of April. I often play games, of many descriptions, and would love to do so professionally but that dream sits behind the writing. I do have a youtube channel that you can visit though, and hopefully glean some enjoyment from. Finally, I once weighed nearly nineteen stone – that’s nearly two hundred and seventy pounds. I decided that had to change, and now I weigh two hundred and five. I plan to get that down further, aiming for one hundred and eighty two, and I will be recounting my journey towards that here two.

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Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCpnUkqpD08PlvWaFLExRnw (J.T. Chad)

Twitter: @therealjtc

instagram: thechadtag