Not So Big Bad Wolf

I couldn’t decide on whether the title for this post should be: “Why Warwick is a Terrible Jungler” but managed to fight the urge. My flatmate has recently picked up League of Legends, reportedly the biggest E-Sport in the world even above StarCraft – probably because it’s hard to lose LoL in three minutes without… Continue reading Not So Big Bad Wolf

Dieting Vs Exercise Vs Enjoyment

People who are dieting might not be fit, and people who exercise might not be thin. I write this while chowing down on a Chicago Town (brand not location) microwaveable pizza having spent my whole day inside, so I am not going to claim to be either. It is, however, an important fact to accept.… Continue reading Dieting Vs Exercise Vs Enjoyment

The War for the Spartan Sector, First Report

Forward: I have mixed feelings about fan-fiction. Some of it is very good, some of it not worth wiping your butt with and it doesn’t really stand a chance of being published. The below is a narrative battle report of an X-Wing Epic game (four players aside, 250pts a player). I was on the Imperials… Continue reading The War for the Spartan Sector, First Report

Wars in the Stars, on a tabletop.

Some of you may know I’m a bit of a Star Wars fan (in the same way Stalin was a bit of a tyrant). Others of you may be aware of the X-Wing Miniatures game, and that I play it. If you’re not, check it out – it’s a great hobby if you’re into space-combat… Continue reading Wars in the Stars, on a tabletop.

Pocket Trains: Is that the X-O’clock to nowhere?

I cannot believe Draps found this. It is horrifically mundane and mildly dull as a principal – people can literally do that thing where they pretend to be a train conductor anywhere they like. On the bus, at the office; hell, even the gym! Train-conducting fantasists could be lying in wait for a signal and… Continue reading Pocket Trains: Is that the X-O’clock to nowhere?