Write/Draw/Sing/Create Your Heart Out!

I’m sure I must have written about this before now, but I’m going to do it again. Partly because it’s important to me, partly because I can write about it, and a lot to help any budding writers, poets, artists, sculptors, musicians etc out there who get down about “not being serious about their art”.

This is a ridiculous phrase used by the insecure, the untalented and the elitist.

The Bit Between Revelry and Recovery

I am currently recovering from my first all-nighter in a long, long time. And boy does it hurt. I drank a lot. So much that most of my dieting work has been undone in one fell swoop, or so it feels. I’ll feel guilty about that when I stop feeling zombified; until then I’m locked… Continue reading The Bit Between Revelry and Recovery

More Competitive X-Wing News

I’m not going to make the X-Wing tournament due to unfortunate work commitments. I have to pay the bills somehow though, and there’ll be other regional tournaments to go to. In fact, a buddy of mine is already signing us up to one! So I still had a practice game against him on Wednesday. And… Continue reading More Competitive X-Wing News

Action Does Not Equal Combat

I’ve finally got around to writing an action scene! And boy, was I surprised how easily I got distracted. I was shocked and appalled that my main character would begin to scheme or analyse something that took the narrative down a very different – albeit, interesting – route than expected. Why did this happen? Well,… Continue reading Action Does Not Equal Combat

Not So Big Bad Wolf

I couldn’t decide on whether the title for this post should be: “Why Warwick is a Terrible Jungler” but managed to fight the urge. My flatmate has recently picked up League of Legends, reportedly the biggest E-Sport in the world even above StarCraft – probably because it’s hard to lose LoL in three minutes without… Continue reading Not So Big Bad Wolf

Dieting Vs Exercise Vs Enjoyment

People who are dieting might not be fit, and people who exercise might not be thin. I write this while chowing down on a Chicago Town (brand not location) microwaveable pizza having spent my whole day inside, so I am not going to claim to be either. It is, however, an important fact to accept.… Continue reading Dieting Vs Exercise Vs Enjoyment