Emergency Start

                I have started dieting again. That broken record is hopefully not going to be played for a while as I’ll keep dieting instead of stopping and starting like an old car with bad oil and no fuel. I’ve signed up at a gym – 24 hour, literally across the road from me – and have set myself a target of going three times a week, preferably on mornings before work. The first week I managed it and lost 2lbs. last week I only went twice, but with a good start to this week with a trip on Monday morning I’m feeling good about it.


Psycosomatic Dieting

This week I’ve committed to breakfasting before I get to work, or by 830 on days I’m not working. After reading an article about nutrition and balanced diets in the Metro (#greatsources) I’m testing a theory it put forward. The assertion made by the diet expert interviewed (whose name I stupidly didn’t note down) was that a high protein breakfast was a better way to start the day than sugar and carbs.

Self Help Comes from the Self

Today I found out that, for the first time in a while, I am not obese.

This definition comes from the NHS BMI calculator – check out if you like. Take heed of this warning, though – Body Mass Index is a lying son of a bitch.

“but it’s a proven medical concept!” – Oh yeah? Got any healthy mates? Athletic ones? People who maybe use the gym twice a week year round? Go check out their BMI. You’ll find they’re overweight, probably obese.