Desperate Scrawlings – A Crack in the Moon

Midnight in Hyde Park. The hour for couples to wander aimlessly, whispering sweet nothings while clutching hands beneath the sparsely placed street lights, or predators to prowl around the fringes waiting for an unsuspecting victim – but not tonight. I stood, crushed shoulder to shoulder among a crowd of hundreds, thousands. There were no fights, no arguments, no movement. We stood there, locked in place not just by each other but by the sight we had come to behold. We were one of hundreds of other groups that had gathered across the world. Tonight, six billion people from all across the world turned their gazes upward. Not towards the heavens, not towards the stars; we stared at the moon, and the crack spreading silently across its pale, eerie surface.

Prompted Writing (Prompt: “Volunteering”)

I subscribe to the Reddit page for writing prompts. I like reading what people submit, and I like musing on the suggestions people put forward. I’ve started submitting my own pieces and while thus far they’ve gone somewhat unnoticed any and all feedback I get is important to me. I think it’s a great subscription page and a great idea – check it out!