Spartan’s 40k Summer Cup Game 1: Harlequin Barrel Roll Academy Vs Laffan’s Tyranid Bio-Luftewaffe

The Surrey Spartans have started a new 40k Cup, using the Premier League model for group stages and competition. As ever I couldn’t miss a chance to 1a) play competitively 1b) as my poncey dancing space elves. The entry limitations were 1,250pts, Combined Arms Detachments and Formations allowed, Lords of War allowed but no allies. Poncey space elves were a go!

Missions into Mordheim: Troughs and Peaks

It’s been a while since I’ve had a report from the City of the Damned. Had I forgotten? Or worse, left my Seven Samurats to die ignobly in the darkened streets like so many of their victims? No! The club has been busy with other events, some of which I’ll talk about it other posts, which have either taken my time or have left no space available – sometimes both. But the legend of the Samurats continues.

Fancy a Kick About? – Guildball, Game Review

In amongst my Mordheim games I’ve managed to play a couple of other things as well. One of the newest games to sweep the Spartans club is Guidball, which has picked up fans like the newest football superstar. And like that superstar the game is fun, charming, looks good and plays like an absolute animal.

Missions into Mordheim – The Gory Days.

No, that’s not a misspelling. The first few missions in any Mordheim gang’s life are going to be hellish and hectic; if a colour scheme had to be chosen for then it would be red and brown in violent, clashing slashes. Your war band is untried, and your equipment is mismatched and sub par. The individual members are at best vaguely competent and on average pretty rubbish. This is only made worse in a world where your opponents have pushed themselves into Strength 4 and you’re stuck on Toughness 3.

Missions in Mordheim – The Seven Samurats.

My goblins have met an untimely end. Mainly due to my disinterest in the list I was playing, and the options for development as the war band ‘grew’. So they won’t be featuring on this blog any more. In their place have risen warriors of unlikely legend: The Seven Samurats.

Save us, O Steel, from the Fury of the Ratmen! – A Ninth Age Battle Report

It’s been awhile since I played a proper game of Fantasy/Ninth. Not for lack of interest – rather, I’ve had far too many other interests and lack of time! But a friend of mind, Dave ‘Darkenwrath’, recently acquired a Vermintide army and at some point while we were chatting about it someone threw down a gauntlet/hand-wear of some description and we organized a game at pretty short notice. Neither of us shirk challenges so we agreed a thousand points each and the game was on!

Get Writing – Still Starting: Shadows Over Brimstone: The Journey Continues.

I’m going to continue my story/adventure with our heroes of the Wild West – last time we saw them Hank, Saphi and Javier were looking to blow some demon-things to kingdom come. That segment began the story, or rather explained why the story was taking place. There wasn’t really much in the way of plot besides what I’ve written above, however. It is often assumed that ‘story’ and ‘plot’ are synonymous – this is a terrible mistake to make while writing. Plot without story is a step by step break down of things that happen which can brush over subtle events or character development, and makes plot twists either hard to hide or worryingly close to breaking a reader’s suspension of disbelief (Deus Ex Machima). Story without plot has no direction or purpose and will rarely be enough to keep someone reading for an entire novel.

Missions into Mordheim: Madness at Midnight

After losing my warband for a few days, I finally got to play a game of Mordheim! My first game was against my flatmate, Matt ‘TheStampede’ – who has thanked me for my last post about lore and story when building lists for campaigns like this which encouraged him to get involved. That brought a warm little spark to my heart, and I’m glad I inspired someone. We’ve brainstormed about the lists and play styles for a week, so we’re pretty familiar with our warbands and tactics. I had chosen to change spider rider number three (Stabhack) into two Braves with Great Weapons for some heavy hitters.

Journeying into the Dark – Missions in Mordheim

My friendly local gaming club, the Surrey Spartans, are starting a Mordheim campaign. It’s to run over the next three months (I think, correction pending) and of course I’m getting involved – any professing warband style game is immediately appealing for me, and besides what I fear will be an infrequent Ninja Allstars league I’ve got nothing on at the moment. So I put myself down for a dwarves treasure hunting party and assumed I would be able to run up a list in no time.

This was until I saw I could play Forest Goblins and give them Giant Spider mounts. Cue the creation of the Order of the Golden Snotball.

More Competitive X-Wing News

I’m not going to make the X-Wing tournament due to unfortunate work commitments. I have to pay the bills somehow though, and there’ll be other regional tournaments to go to. In fact, a buddy of mine is already signing us up to one! So I still had a practice game against him on Wednesday. And… Continue reading More Competitive X-Wing News