What’s your process?

To write an answer to this question, I began in the same way I do before starting most ventures; slumping in my chair, looking at my desk in an unfocused, slightly sightless fashion and breathing slow enough that I could well be hibernating. At least, that’s the physical manifestation of me being deep in thought. Not a compelling image, and certainly not sculpture worthy beyond the real of satire. I’ve been told I look faintly depressed, but this is not the case. The cogs are whirring, and rarely have any dust to shed before they work properly now that I’m doing this writing schtick full time.

Basements & Bugbears – An Adventure Begins

I have recently begun a new Pathfinder campaign for a group of players who, while veteran gamers, are fairly new to paper-based Role Play Games. Several of them played WoW and other electronic RPGs, but these are a very different experience to paper-based ones. Mostly this difference comes down to the actual role playing; in… Continue reading Basements & Bugbears – An Adventure Begins