Get Writing – An Action Packed Addition!

I’ve now finished my first novel! And by ‘finished’ I mean I wrote the end and most of the story has been drafted out. I think I have 10% more to do, corridor and elevator scenes for the most part, to match everything up and then I’m ready to submit it to places! How very, very exciting!

Amongst all the excitement that’s brought on I have to say my grand finale, the great and climatic action sequence that brought everything to an end in an exciting crescendo of violence, action and heart pounding excitement, was actually pretty difficult to write. And that’s because it involved violence, that key part of most films and books people think is easy to write, easy to make exciting because it’s something that gets the pulse pounding – indeed, our pulses were designed to pound when we needed to do something violent. So why was it so difficult?

Prompted Writing (Prompt: “Volunteering”)

I subscribe to the Reddit page for writing prompts. I like reading what people submit, and I like musing on the suggestions people put forward. I’ve started submitting my own pieces and while thus far they’ve gone somewhat unnoticed any and all feedback I get is important to me. I think it’s a great subscription page and a great idea – check it out!