Tales of a Struggling Author

A Collection of My Posts on Writing and Fiction.

As of 3/3/17 I rearranged the ordering of these posts so newer ones would go at the top. I will back date this when I have time.

Dual Wielding Pens: Just a short post of my current approach to writing and how I’m avoiding burning out on creative writing projects.

What’s Your Process?: A brief pseudo-summary of how I go about writing my books. If more detail is asked for I’ll probably write something more specific later on. (14/6/18)

Writing Life: As part of my drive towards having more online exposure as an author, I wanted to get back into blogging. Images to feature next time. Probably. (22/5/18)

Getting Emotional: I explore a little about YA fixation on interpersonal & romantic relationships and how it might add something to my writing if I include it when appropriate. (22/1/18)

Get Writing: 2018: I get back into the mind frame to write, and set out an action plan for the year. (16/1/18)

Killing Isn’t Heroic: A brief exploration of what makes a hero, and why killing people/things isn’t necessarily part of that. (14/8/2017)


The War with Words Continues: A bit of a mission statement and author’s lifestyle introduction to these posts.

The War for The Spartan Sector Part I: A narrative battle report of a large (4player a side, 250pts a player) Epic game of X-Wing: The Miniatures Game.

Action Does Not Equal Combat: A look at the different types of ‘action’ scenes available to authors and why combat/fighting isn’t always the best answer.

Write/Draw/Sing/Create Your Heart Out!: Ever think your not good enough to be a writer/artist/singer/creative something? You’re wrong! Read why here! (25/02/2016)

Get Writing – Starting Fresh: The first instalment in my Get Writing how-to posts – appropriately about starting a new piece! (25/02/2016)

Get Writing – Still Starting: The second instalment in my Get Writing how-to posts. Looks at story and plot, and the differences therein. Includes another excerpt of the Shadows of Brimstone adventure as an example. (17/03/2015)

Prompted Writing (Prompt: “Volunteering”): A sample of prompted writing from the writing prompts subreddit.

Get Writing and Get Sectioned: Corridors and Lifts: My next how-to section drops a couple of tips about structure and when to include development for characters and plot. (13/05/2016).

Get Writing – An Action Packed Addition!: Another how-to section, with a focus on how to write the cool, violent and bloody business of action and violence without it becoming simple gore-porn. (21/6/16)

Desperate Scrawlings – A Crack in the Moon: One of my increasing number of submissions to r/writingprompts, posted purely for your enjoyment. Feedback welcome! (16/9/16)

Basements & Bugbears: An Adventure Begins: Just a little bit of campaign resource for my fairly newbie group to use and refer to – and a good example of how a campaign can be easily set up. (18/10/2016)

NaNoWriMo to the Rescue!: My first proper writing entry in too long here, inspired by NaNoWriMo after doing a bit of cognitive failing post edit on my novel. (3/11/16)

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