The Adventures of a Chaddstykk

A Compilation of my Gaming Posts, occasionally with visual aids.

As of 3/3/17 I rearranged the ordering of these posts so newer ones would go at the top. I will back date this when I have time.

VENGEANCE! – My report on the thrills and spills I had at Vengeance V3 (2018). 5/29/18

Barry’s Birthday Bonanza Snake Draft – Local SFG Pundit John Parish organised a special event for a special friend, with special guests. See how it went for me here! (9/4/18)

The Massive Mass Effect Race – Part I – Part One of my retelling of the epic journey of Titan Shepard through a snap shot of the Mass Effect universe at an event hosted by two good friends. (16/1/18)

The Surrey Spartans Cabbage Punt: My write up of the Surrey Spartans first sanctioned Guildball Tournament. (9/8/17)

A Return to Space (Games): A quick, light-hearted post after a heavier one last entry. This is a some what summarised battle report of a game against Laurence’s PHR. (9/1/17)

Space Battle! [Drops Fleet]: A custom designed scenario for Drop Fleet Commander where shooting lasers and blowing things up gives you many more points. (4/5/17)

Surrey Spartans Big Bad Escalation League Month 1 List Postings – Exactly what it says on the tin. A big dollop of somewhat tactical, probably sensible list building information and review from the players and a key resource document for them to refer back to. (3/3/17)

My First Foray into the Ninth Age: A Ninth Age battle report against Jason/Zaineph.

The X-O’clock to Nowhere?: I was challenged by Draps/StrawberryKin to review of the app/game Pocket Trains. Here it is.

Wars in the Stars: I’m starting off my competitive forays in 2016 for X-Wing: The Miniatures Game. This post talks about my list in some detail before any practice games.

The War for The Spartan Sector Part I: A narrative battle report of a large (4player a side, 250pts a player) Epic game of X-Wing: The Miniatures Game.

Not So Big Bad Wolf: Talking about Warwick in League of Legends and why he’s not all he’s cracked up to be.

More Competitive X-Wing News: An update on my Path to Pro in X-Wing:TMG and how I made a massive mistake, falling from a New Hope to just a Phantom Menace. (19/2/2016)

Journeys into the Dark – Missions in Mordheim: I create an unusual Goblin warband with more self-respect than it deserves or should ever display, and talk about how I’ll over come anything that it finds particularly challengeing (i.e. nearly everything). (3/3/2016)

Missions into Mordheim: Madness at Midnight: My first quests into the Damned City and the news was fairly bleak…. (9/3/16)

Save us, O Steel, From the Fury of the Ratmen!: A second Ninth Ages Battle Report, this time against a very different opponent – and a very different foe! (19/3/2016)

Missions into Mordheim: The Seven Samurats: I’ve moved on for a third and final time with my Mordheim war bands, and a new legend begins! (22/3/2016)

Missions into Mordheim: The Gory Days: My next few games of Mordheim were the ones that really tested my Samurats. They seem to have neglected putting points in Strength, Toughness or any combat stat but maxed out on Luck!

Fancy a Kick About? Guildball, Game Review: My first proper review of a game system. Was I really ready to do it after two games of Guildball? Definitely. And it’s definitely worth a shot. (17/4/2016)

Missions into Mordheim: Troughs and Peaks: A return to the City of the Damned and a couple more games to report. There were a couple of weeks between playing and writing so details are a little hazy – but no rats were (terminally) harmed in the making of the blog post so that’s okay, right? (6/5/2016)

Spartan’s 40k Summer Cup Game 1: Harlequins Vs Tyranids: My first game in the Spartan’s 40k Summer Cup, pretty self explanatory. I’m trying a new and challenging list that is probably going to suffer as time goes on. Read on to find how I fared in the first game! (13/05/2016).

A Monster Mash: Part one of my thoughts on how to use Monsters in Warhammer Fantasy Battles or Ninth Age games, and a brief guide on how to drive the to a victorious feeding spree. (26/5/2016)

Designing Dread Elves Not Dead Elves – Entry 1: My first post about developing a Dread Elf list, voted worst army in 9th Age currently, that will best all comers. Not Battle Reps in this one but plenty of list dissection and detail! (16/9/16)

Designing Dread Elves Not Dead Elves – Entry 2: My second post about my new Dread Elf tournament list, this time featuring two battle reports. Hopefully some spills and thrills in stall, along with a bit of helpful analysis for anyone considering Dread Elves. (16/9/16)

Imperial Rim: Pretty much what it says on the tin – Doran and I recreate the awesome, senselessly violent scenario of the love-it-or-hate-it hit Pacific Rim in the world of 40k. (22/9/16).

Designing Dread Elves Not Dead Elves – Entry 3: My third post about my Dread Elf adventures and the evolution of my list and play style with them. This report is covers my game against Matt’s Stampede and his scary Beast Herd list! (5/10/16)

Designing Dread Elves, Not Dead Elves – Entry 4: My fourth post for my September practice games. This game is my second against Mike’s Vermin Swarm and highlighted a lot of room for improvement in my general-ship abilities. (10/10/16)

Basements & Bugbears: An Adventure Begins: Just a little bit of campaign resource for my fairly newbie group to use and refer to – and a good example of how a campaign can be easily set up. (18/10/16)

Surrey Spartans Smackdown 2016 – I finally got around to writing up my games from the inaugural Surrey Spartans tournament in November! Long post, but full of strategic, battle reporty goodness (mostly). (22/12/16)

The Big Bad 9th Age Escalation League – This has been on the cards for awhile, so I thought I’d get the rules up now in advance so the players can start plotting. (19/1/17)

Surrey Spartans Big Bad Escalation League Month 1 List & Review – My submission for the first month of the Spartans Escalation League I’m running, presented as a shining example of what other players should ideally submit for their own forces. (9/2/17)

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