Killing Fat Softly

A Sequel to my Previous Dieting Blog.

As of 3/3/17 I rearranged the ordering of these posts so newer ones would go at the top. I will back date this when I have time.

Delayed Dieting Update 7.2.18: A short update about my weight loss and shaping up after the first month of 2018. (24/2/18)

A Proper Start. No Resolution: And a post-new year’s…er…post about staying on track and making sure it’s not a fad diet. (17/1/18)

Emergency Start: A pre-new year’s post about me lurching back into a healthier way of life. (4/12/17)

Yet Again, Into the Breach: My new war on fat begins.

Dieting Vs Exercise Vs Enjoyment: A brief exploration about whether or not people should be expected to exercise. And a recruitment drive, kinda.

The Bit Between Revelry and Recovery: How to pull back from despair and why it’s important to have fun. Or maybe just that you don’t forget to.

Self Help Comes from the Self: I finally get back to talking about dieting. This was a pretty honest post for me, and I will probably come back to it in more detail at a later date to look into the process I went through but right now it’s still a bit raw. (22/3/16)

Habits & Ruts: I’ve identified my biggest failing, and talk somewhat generally about overcoming it. I don’t have a plan of how to do so, not set in stone, but after trying a few I’ll have another post to write! (30/3/16)

A Weekend in Review: The first of my new series of diary posts. With this kind of detailed analysis/review of my lifestyle hopefully I can kick myself into gear somewhat! (4/4/16)

Psychosomatic Dieting: I explore the thought process and mindset that has made me want to diet – somewhat shallowly, but a more in depth post will follow!

How’d Those Resolutions Hold Out?: An update on my healthy habit forming exercises, and some goodness as far as fighting inertia goes! (2/5/16)

Collecting the Wrong Kind of Pounds: A breakdown of the different ways you can lose weight – naturally – exercise and dieting. An where I’ve gone previously, so hopefully you can learn! (20/5/16)

Suit Yourself, You Tosser: The highs and lows of buying a new suit when you’re a ‘larger’ man with a penchant for peaked lapels. (30/5/16)

Working Out Your Diet on Someone’s Big Day: A quick couple of tips for the very most sensitive dieters, who worry what to do to diet – or hide their diet – on a loved one’s wedding day. (5/6/16)

Getting Ginyu – Killing Fat Softly (Again): That was a long sojourn from dieting entries…well, new year and all so as good as time as any. And I’ve got a fairly ambitious goal to chase this time!

Getting Ginyu – Month 2 2017 Progress Report – An update on how I’m doing as far as achieving the unrealistic dimensions on Recoombe goes. (9/2/17)

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